#IslamophobiaIsRacism Syllabus

IV. Policing, Security, Surveillance, and Anti-Muslim Racism

As a broad rubric of law enforcement, policing refers to the tactics and policies used to administer security logics, including everyday police practices, surveillance, entrapment, and specific targeting of individuals and communities. How do these forms of policing change the contours of everyday life? What new boundaries are created and what are the kinds of shifts that happen in social structures? This section addresses these issues specifically in relation to the intersection of policing practices with anti-Muslim racism and their impact on Muslim communities in the United States.


Policing and Prisons

Calls for Registration, NSEERS, and 2017 “Muslim Ban” Executive Orders

Countering Violent Extremism (CVE)

FBI and Law Enforcement Surveillance

Individual cases that highlight a range of issues